Tri Delta

Gamma Alpha at Texas A&M University

Recruitment 2019 Details

Formal Recruitment is Sunday, August 18, 2019 through Saturday, August 24, 2019

Round 1- Go Greek! (August 18th-19th) 

Go Greek Round is split up into two days. Each PNM will visit 6 houses each day. The parties are short and sweet, lasting 20 minutes each. This day is an introduction to each chapter. You will learn the basic information about each sorority and any other information the PNM may want to know. The PNM will have an understanding of the recruitment process after these two days! 

Round 2- Philanthropy Round! (August 20st-21nd) 

Philanthropy Day is also split up into two days. The girls will visit about 4-5 houses each day, each party lasting 35 minutes. Each sorority will share information about their local and national philanthropy. Philanthropy is a huge part of our chapter, so this round can tell a PNM a lot about each sorority. This is a very important day for us at Tri Delta because we get to share about our love and passion for St. Jude! 

Round 3- Sisterhood Day! (August 22rd)  

This high-energy round is so much fun! Each sorority will get to show the PNMs the ideals and personality of their sorority. The girls will visit up to 6 houses this day, each party lasting 35 minutes. 

Round 4- Preference Round! (August 23th)

This is a more serious round in which the PNM decides which house they feel the most comfortable at. Each chapter will share a part of their ritual and ceremony with the girls. This is an opportunity for a PNM to ask any last minute questions that may have about a sorority. This is a very special night for both the PNMs and chapter members! 

BID DAY!! (August 24th)

During this exciting day, PNMs will receive their bid cards and head to their new home! They will be bussed to Sorority Row and spend the evening getting to know their new sisters.

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